Sunday, October 31, 2010

चांस- Every Dream Deserve a Chance

Chance is a 10 minute short film about chasing dreams of talented poor boy.

This story reveals the enigma of the slum child of ‘New India’. His life, his struggle, his fight for existence and portrays the passion of this little talented boy, an underdog, who prevail under extreme circumstances and then emerge out victorious.

Joy, despite being a slum dweller fights it out and emerges as a winner, through his strong will power and determination had given up hope to other street kids and lesson to government and all of us that if we work sincerely , every helpless kid can be like Joy. Every child is special, we need to give them chance, an opportunity to live their dream.

Viewers will be emotional and surprised to see this little boy passion, tricks and sacrifice to achieve his dream of becoming a film maker.


  1. Intzar rahega is sanvedansheel vishay ki film ka....shubhkamnayen

  2. All your dreams will come true.... with this film.... it is going to make a mark..... best wishes....

  3. आनंद जी , इस फिल्म के लिए आपको शुभकामनायें. क्या आप एड फिल्म भी बनाते है. मै advertising में पीजी डिप्लोमा हूँ तथा तथा एक फ्रीलांस कॉपी रायटर हूँ. हमारा मोब. No. है--- 09508569624

  4. yup.. i make ad films. last was moser baer chk here